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Excite Your Employees To Drive Traffic And Engagement

Getting the best ROI from your trade show budget starts with your pick of event staff and choosing the most qualified employees begins with a question. Who will engage with your target audience and represent your brand the best? Attitude, knowledge, experience, and drive will be key for your staff to “work the show floor” from start to finish. Look for friendliness, organization, appropriate attire, overall appearance and a “can do” attitude in a team environment.

Once chosen, determine clear, concise objectives and set up mandatory education sessions prior to traveling for the show. If your goals are to set appointments, close new business or educate newcomers on your products and services, being prepared is key. Plan a last minute meeting on the show floor to help focus roles and responsibilities. Your staff choices should be aware of maintaining a positive image and direction for event success.

Now that you have your staff, create a fun competition that rewards them for the best outcomes. Who gets the most leads? Who scheduled the most demos? However you decide to reward them for their hard work and effort, you have created a fun and competitive environment.

Taking time well before your event to choose, educate and incent the right staff will help you increase your ROI and your employees will get the benefit of being rewarded for their hard work.

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