Innovative Display and Design

Future Trends of Event Management – Innovate to create the best shared, in-person experiences.

What motivates an audience to hear what you have to say? Human beings start with a basic decision. Do I trust you?

Trust is the number one reason why people care. Trust helps prospects consider you as a vendor. Trust enables confident clients to buy from you. If your buyers can see themselves in you……not a product…… will have created a relationship to trust.

How do you promote trust at an event?

  • Craft your event strategy with purpose. The purpose may be to move your audience in some way through storytelling and innovation. Create a story of aspiration that they want to be as a professional or as a human being. Here’s a good example.
  • Innovate an experience that eliminates the distance between you and your prospects. Bring in client examples in a meaningful way. Your client references should explain “why” they had a problem and the results of their efforts to solve it. Keep product announcements, choices out of the story telling equation until your audience asks you “How?”
  • Orchestrate your event with innovation to show how your company impacts the audience. Build your story around all human senses. Let your audience see, feel and hear how they can be successful. Virtual reality can give you a 360 degree video capability. Information walls with infographics, client stories and animations can hone in on one aspect of information or the whole wall.

Future event strategies must be defined with purpose in order to craft an experience that bridges the gap of trust between you and prospects. Bringing in innovation to support this purpose will help your audience develop trust. Trust that gets your prospects to care, consider and choose you.

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