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Insider Tips for Exhibiting Internationally

To make the most of your investment in international exhibiting, it is important to know how your experience will be different from your experience of exhibiting in the U. S.

In the U.S., structures are referred to as “exhibits” or “booths,” but internationally they’re called “stands.”. A “trade show” is known as an “exhibition” or “trade fair”. The disparities go beyond semantics. There are differing practices and cultural differences that come into play once you venture across the pond.

Outside North America, a one-time use stand is referred to as a “build and burn”. It is a common, cost-effective option. As hard as it is for us to believe in the U.S., these stands are built on the show floor and then discarded or recycled at the end of the show. This practice proves to be environmentally sound as it decreases the amount of CO2 emissions used in shipping a stand back and forth overseas.

Cultural differences play a role in hospitality and client engagement. In many countries outside the U.S., business transactions move relatively slowly, because of the importance of establishing a solid basis of personal familiarity and trust. Stands are designed for more social interaction where the attendee may linger for 30-60 minutes or more. Many stands serve food and alcohol to highlight the social aspect of the exhibit and to keep attendees in the space, allowing the staff to nurture and solidify relationships.

Just as you cannot expect coffee in a To Go cup in Europe, the stand experience is meant to keep people in the space and connected to the experience.

Generally, U.S. exhibits are designed for maximum engagement between booth staff and attendees, with the focus being on product demonstrations or showcasing the services offered. There is less of a focus on hospitality.

If successful global brand exposure is part of your program’s goal, let’s discuss how we can help.

Working with an exhibit company that is aware of local practices and cultural nuances can make or break your international exhibiting experience and reduce unexpected challenges.

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