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Oh, We Need More Technology! Or do we?

Technology has enabled connections and conversations all over the world and Google is a staple in ways to find just about anything. As cool as technology is, it is not replacement for genuine, face-to-face experiences.

The question we hear often is how to craft face-to-face experiences that still bring value to attendees and vendors.

The good news is that exhibit and event manager don’t have to make choice between in-person interactions or all-digital interfaces. Instead, when they creatively blend the two with the intention to create an immersive, engaging or unforgettable experience using a layered approach, the results can mind-blowing.

The idea behind blending.

The idea behind blending is to strategically weave technology with personal components to create multi-faceted interactions.

The most successful presentations or engagements incorporate more than just an in-person component or just a digital approach. By blending the appropriate tools to deliver the best value for to your target audience, persona or the ultimate decision maker:

  • Pre-conference or event education can provide the basics of the event and ongoing digital communications can provide key reminders, schedule updates, information about VIP opportunities and a variety of other messaging to target specific goals for specific attendees.
  • On-site engagement can take the event introduction process deeper, including face time with the leaders of the organization, desired key takeaways from the event and information on where to find support on-site.
  • All events have a name and personality that translates to a tangible relationship and ongoing conversations that add value to everyone involved.
  • New formats, like the upside-down classroom, collaborative spaces (like small group huddles on bean bag chairs versus standard classroom settings) and second screen technology have added new dimensions to learning – and a whole new world of opportunities.

Some events have been locked in traditional methods of engagement. Exhibition managers now have access to a variety of tools help create a multi-dimensional experience. Certain challenges may present themselves

  • What is the clear message to be communicate? How do you streamline the communication so it is well received and retained?
  • How to increase engagement in new, different and sometimes untested ways
  • How to attract a range of generations without coming off as inauthentic

By blending the best technology tools for your goals with tried-and-true methods of engagement, the entire event can be memorable, measurable and meaningful to all the stakeholders.

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