Innovative Display and Design

The surprising key to a successful trade show program

Experiential design. Cutting-edge technology. Eye-popping imagery.

Undoubtedly, these are some of the fun aspects of your trade show program. However, leaning on these tactics without having a comprehensive strategy in place is the equivalent to offering your attendees sizzle without the steak.

So, how do you avoid this?

Timing is everything. When you look beyond these best practices, you’ll find that the true backbone to a successful trade show strategy is time management. While it is easy to say, and much harder to execute, strong time management will set you up for success by delivering dynamic environments that meet your marketing objectives, improve your bottom line and eliminate risks along the way.

Key benefits to driving trade show time management:

  • Unlock strategic decision-making, allowing you to set – and meet – goals, while also managing expectations among your key stakeholders.
  • Discover cost savings when you analyze show service deadlines and avoid last-minute production changes or shipping arrangements.
  • Know what you’re getting with productive digital or in-person previews, so there’s no surprises onsite. No more winging it!
  • Remove risk from delivery by experiencing worry-free logistics when you ship to the advance warehouse.

Depending on size and complexity, the typical exhibit should be in production at least two months prior to the show. This timeline allows our team to create your vision – and deliver impactful results. Once the show opens, your constituents and attendees will experience the best presentation of your brand. Sounds nice, right? We think so too!

As you look ahead to 2019, consider your upcoming trade show program and plans. Even if your strategy isn’t fully mapped out yet, we encourage you to reach out to us to start a dialogue. The sooner we know what’s on your mind, the sooner we can help you with the sizzle – and the steak.

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