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Use Experiential Marketing Technology Wisely

Is the conference of the future filled with people walking around aimlessly wearing virtual reality headsets? Roaming, reaching and grabbing at the unknown?

No….and yes. Technology can be a wonderful mechanism to build your brand, increase customer engagement and create exciting experiences. But………technology should always be used in conjunction with human presence at events and conferences. Let’s look at the latest trend of Tweet Walls.

Tweet Walls are a living screen of social information that can be shown while interacting with an audience. How many of you have asked questions to an event audience and chosen one or two raised hands for answers, limiting your ability to reach the whole group? Imagine the ability to ask everyone in the audience to tweet a question with a specific hashtag and each question appearing behind the speaker on a tweet wall. Now you’ve increased the participation of your audience and engaged them as individuals making them pay more attention.

The Tweet Walls can be much more too. The best marketers will tell you that having customers create and proliferate content for you is the Holy Grail of marketing. When getting your audience to participate in tweeting with a predetermined hashtag, you are asking them for content. Content that is public and can be curated for social media.

Technology alone will not create better experiences. Technology with a pre-designed plan, used wisely, will help you build your brand, connect with more of your audience and build exciting experiences for your customers.

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