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Engagement: Time is precious.

It’s not enough to talk about features and benefits and then hand out a price sheet. Anyone can do that. At INNOV8, we believe it’s vital to have a plan, a story, and a purpose that creates a motivating experience that resonates with your audience during the precious minutes that you have their attention.

The customer engagement experience needs to be an extension of the awareness campaign that was implemented before your event. Think of your awareness campaign as the promise and the engagement experience as delivering on that promise. The awareness campaign promised to address your customers’ needs on a deeper motivational level. The engagement plan demonstrates exactly how your product or service delivers on that promise.

INNOV8 works with our clients to build engagement plans that reflect the most impactful and motivating story about their products and services. We address the purpose of the communication, the method used to tell the story, and which subject matter experts will communicate which portion of your messaging and to whom those experts will communicate.

“Think of your awareness campaign as the promise and the engagement experience as delivering on that promise.”

It is also important to understand that not all visitors are in the same phase of the buying journey. This is even true of multiple visitors from the same company. Your engagement plan has to consider this dynamic and not only disseminate the appropriate information but also capture your customers’ responses so that clear next steps and follow-up are determined.

Paco Underhill is a well know environmental psychologist, author of, Why We Buy, and the founder of market research and consulting company, Envirosell. Focusing on the retail environment, Mr. Underhill studied buyer experience and the psyche during the buying journey. He understood that different factors played a part in the buying discussion and which of those factors helped drive customers to a buying decision. We know that a solid event strategy can guide a visitor to experience a positive engagement, moving them toward a positive outcome. Ask yourself, how do your SMEs connect with your visitors? What is the visitor seeing, sensing, and feeling when entering your exhibit? Understanding your visitors’ needs is vital to planning a positive visitor journey.

We have worked with many industries and have a pool of knowledge that can assist you in planning and executing a successful live event. We are happy to have a discussion about your program and its engagement strategy.

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