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Intelligence: Knowledge is Power

A successful live event should always include a two-way flow of information. Yes, you have a message and a communication plan that you need to execute. But your live event is also the perfect venue for gathering intelligence which adds to understanding and knowledge. And according to Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher, statesman, and scientist, “Knowledge is Power.”

The traditional metrics of the number of visitors, orders written, and follow-up meetings booked are all important. But don’t miss the opportunity to dig deeper. How well was your messaging received? Did you deliver on the promise of your engagement? How did your customers react to your product or service? What feedback can they give you? Are you well positioned in your marketplace? What are your competitors doing?

INNOV8 can help you develop an effective program to capture the type of intelligence required to answer these and many more questions. This knowledge will help you determine what content and messages resonate with your customers and the appropriate tone and voice for your messaging. And this intelligence can be leveraged to improve not only your live events but your overall customer interactions.

“… intelligence can be leveraged to improve not only your live events but your overall customer interactions.”

Some key areas and tools for gathering intelligence include:
    • Analyzing prior successful events
    • Create buyer personas
    • Conduct surveys
    • Studying your competitors
    • Monitor audience feedback, comments, and engagement
    • Experiment with content and updates to your products and services
    • Utilize analytics
Ask us! about reaching your end goal of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience. And to move that audience toward a favorable outcome. Don’t lose sight of the purpose!
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