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Case Study | KLX Aerospace Solutions

Enforce their position as a market leader in order to be acquired by a major contender.

Enforce their position as a market leader in order to be acquired by a major contender.

KLX Aerospace Solutions was positioning themselves differently and needed a new design with an integration of their new corporate positioning, to enforce their position as a market leader and create a unique experience for their customers, an route to positioning for an acquisition by a major contender.  They required an optimized design, flawless execution, and ability to be reactive to customer requests.  They needed to meet with customers while showcasing an extensive and diverse product and services portfolio. Due to the fast-paced and highly innovative nature of the aerospace industry, as well as the customer level of privacy needed within the exhibit posed a big challenge.

An interactive Portfolio

An interactive portfolio of an airline hangar with a signature aircraft was created with touchpoints for the customer to take a journey into any piece, part or service, which provided snap shot knowledge or a deep dive into solutions. This interactive portfolio was an invaluable tool driving experience, capturing data on needs and interest with a component that could deliver additional follow-up media to your in-box with the of your badge. The post data collection was an additional benefit to the real time sales this created in the Farnborough Air show.

Acquisition by Boeing the following year.

The exhibition provided open and private meeting spaces and a core values video and automated literature iPad with a curated caterer food bar. Staff was professionally trained on the technology and the goals of the event. The results were notable, increase in sales with existing and new customers coming in from pre-sent invitations and floor traffic as well. This was part of the master plan, as KLX was positioning themselves for an acquisition by Boeing the following year.

It was just such a seamless, effortless, un-stressful process. We’re wondering why we didn’t make the change from our previous partner sooner.


Monica Kamaris Marketing Director, KLX Aerospace Solutions

KLX Aerospace Solutions | Acquired by Boeing



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