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Las Vegas Large Gathering Restrictions Easing

We are already planning live events with our clients for end of second quarter and beginning of third. It’s exciting, overwhelming, and unbelievable to think where we were just one year ago and how far we’ve come. Over the course of one year, we at Innovative have shifted, pivoted, learned and grown a whole new skill set all while secretly hoping and wishing our “old normal”, face-to-face would come back.

And it’s finally happening…

A long-awaited shift is happening. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced he is further loosening restrictions on large gatherings. This started on March 15 and allows large gatherings to be at a 50% capacity- a significant increase from the previous 20% capacity limit. This includes meetings, conventions, entertainment venues, and large group gatherings.

“We pride ourselves on providing the best facilities, the best service and now, the safest,” Gov. Sisolak said in a press release. “We’ve been cautious, but very focused on reopening Las Vegas in the safest way possible for you, our treasured customers, our valued employees, and our entire community.”

Las Vegas, like many of the larger cities that host some of our industry’s biggest conventions has long been a favored destination for conventions and trade shows and took a serious hit due to the pandemic in 2020. Some shows opted for a virtual presence, while some were cancelled altogether.

The loosened restrictions will create a huge rebound for trade shows since people are craving to make in-person connections, travel, and network. Especially hardware and retail-related trade shows with tangible products since they depend on people seeing their product in person.

Trade shows often provide interactions that cannot be duplicated, or are drawn out when conducted online, or via email and phone calls. This includes order details, pricing negotiations, and any terms that need to be clarified.

This also goes for learning. Distractions are high when you work at home: between animals, family, and other electronics. You are way more likely to take a call when you’re listening to a virtual conference verse in-person. There is a deeper connection and understanding formed when you can be interactive and in the moment.

Some people may still have worries about their safety around larger crowds, but the loosened restrictions don’t come without strict health and safety guidelines to ensure visitors, employees, and the community remain safe. The larger capacity was also unveiled with new “Vegas Smart” measures.


“We pride ourselves on providing the best facilities, the best service and now, the safest.” 

Gov. Sisolak

The measures require meetings, trade shows, and entertainment venues to complete and submit a Large Gathering COVID-19 Preparedness & Safety Plan Certification Form (“Large Gathering Certification”) to the state’s Department of Business and Industry. This verifies that they are committing to follow the state’s health and safety protocols and will adhere to existing prevention methods like social distancing, face masks, and good hygiene and cleaning procedures.

The first convention on queue for Vegas- and the U.S market as a whole- is World of Concrete, taking place June 8-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This will be the debut show inside the facility’s new $989 million West Hall.

This is only the beginning as other businesses like HIMSS and AAPEX have announced their certainty that they will also be hosting shows in-person later in the year. Proving there is a glimmer of hope for the return to normalcy even if it’s a hybrid approach.

If you are thinking of attending live events in the near future, let’s have a discovery call. We can talk you through the process and get you up to speed with the latest protocols and health regulations. We are actively researching the latest shows guidelines and our design team will create a safe environment geared toward your needs. Please reach out to your Account Executive or your Account Manager to discuss your Q3 and Q4 2021 events and your 2022 planning. 

Beth Maldonado

Beth Maldonado

Manager, Client Operations at Innovative Display and Design, Inc.



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