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Clients have been increasingly reaching out to us asking about forecasting trade show attendance. Like many, they are rightly trying to build their strategies against an evolving landscape. Without a crystal ball, this presents quite a challenge for businesses and their brands as they gear up to reenter live marketing in a post-pandemic world. Rightly so, I believe this is an important moment for INNOV8 to deliver thoughtful and honest council as well as objective industry information as it continues to unfold in real-time. Some highlights we are sharing:

  • The quality of attendees will increase. While attendance may remain lower than pre-pandemic numbers for a while, those that do attend events are there with a purpose and with buying power. A similar trend occurred after 9/11 and the 2008 economic crash.
  • Better quality leads and engagement. More than ever, putting up an exhibit simply is not enough. The way people interact, the way we connect has forever changed – and your strategy must follow suit. You have opportunities to increase the quality of engagement. Seize the moment!
  • Mapping a visitor journey is crucial to engaging your audience in new and dynamic ways. This includes not only in-person but also companion digital storytelling. At INNOV8, we have architected a specific engagement strategy that ranges from pre-show thru post-show visit.

“The way people interact, the way we connect has forever changed – and your strategy must follow suit.”

With an in-person/digital hybrid event strategy, our clients are unlocking elongated engagement and a more meaning full brand connection with their audience. Incentivizing guests to continue their journey in a digital space, in tandem with face-to-face interactions, is paying huge dividends.

My next post will be on the attendee journey and how to use these tools to foster a new and better connection with your guests! Remember if your team is leaving your visitor by saying there is more information on our website you are cutting the rope and setting them free. We are all about keeping the relationship connected. If you have questions or want to have a discovery conversation, please email me or dm here and I’ll respond quickly.

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