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Pivoting with Bravery to Find Optimal Brand Engagement

Brands always need vibrant and engaging experiences to stay connected, with their audiences and end customers. 2020 was undoubtedly a year of pivoting on so many levels. Brands that found ways to pivot were able to reap the rewards by taking a calculated risk with digital experiences. Many reported taking a leap into uncharted territory with their brand experiences because of the setbacks caused by COVID19.

As we look ahead with optimism in 2021 and beyond; we’re currently seeing an important gravitation; another ‘leap’, towards a hybrid approach (a live, in-person event with a virtual online component). The hybrid strategy supports the invaluable human connection, we all need. Connections forged via a chance discussion over hors d’oeuvres an astute comment whispered in a lecture audience can be recreated in a hybrid experience.

At the same time, a hybrid approach embraces additional benefits. Some of these benefits include greater flexibility, audience accessibility, improved cost controls, and global exposure.

What’s hybrid? At its most basic definition, a hybrid event is a tradeshow, conference, un-conference, seminar, workshop, or other meetings that combines a ‘live’ in-person event with a ‘digital’ online component.

What type of hybrid experiences is most popular?

  • SKO’s – Sales Kick-Off Meetings
  • Product Launches and Reveals
  • Trade Shows and Events
  • Annual User Conferences
  • Educational Forums
  • Company Appreciation Events
  • Executive Briefings
  • Digital Environments of corporate spaces, facilities and manufacturing operations combined with digital sales tools embedded

Typically, the digital component of the experience involves many aspects of the live event.

  • Live streaming of the actual event, as an option. This could mean, when the event starts for in-person attendees, it also starts live for the digital attendees.
  • Live streaming of subject matter experts, key executives, poignant speakers, and workshops with optional access to their presentation materials.
  • An event webcast with synchronized content (slides, live chats, polls, gaming, etc.) that coincide with the live event and foster greater engagement.
  • Real-time discussion features allow attendees to network with each other and receive content from presenters on the fly.
  • On-Demand content within a unique channel that can be accessed for months and years to come, password protected as an option.
  • Integration of social media channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube,
    Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tic Tock depending on each brand’s needs and where their audiences typically reside.
  • Real-time networking and appointment setting opportunities for attendees/companies to interact, allowing companies to stay engaged with their end customers and prospects.

“The hybrid strategy supports the invaluable human connection, we all need.”

Denise DiGrigoli

Why do hybrid experiences work?
People need interaction and simplicity. A hybrid experience provides attendees to personalize their journey with your brand. This allows the brand to deliver the best and most pertinent brand touchpoints while capturing data. The data can be used for designing more credible experiences in the future, identifying customer needs, and possibilities for new brand innovation.

If you want to know how to create a meaningful experience that will give you the results you desire, it’s important to have a strategic partner that understands all aspects of brand engagements, integrated marketing, matched with the right technology, and team to help design, strategize and fully execute on your vision.

To date, we’ve strategized, designed, custom implemented, and executed many successful hybrid events and experiences for reputable Fortune 500 companies. We look forward to connecting, answering any questions, and hosting you in a live, digital, or hybrid presentation demo of our solutions at your convenience. email Denise, Director of Strategy & Engagement at d.digrigoli@innov8.com

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